Dubai Fashion Week London is the ultimate haven bringing together the Middle Easts best kept secrets alongside specialties from across the world to embrace their flare for fashion and expose their designs to the industry live on one platform in London. 

Dubai Fashion Week London is a carefully thought idea bringing together the luxuries of the world into London as a central hub for each individual who has a flare for uniqueness, innovation, creativity and ultimately a passion for fashion. Dubai Fashion Week London is home to these talented figures bringing together established and upcoming designers and brands to showcase their collections / products on an International Scale. 

This highly acclaimed event has increased the domestic awareness of locally sourced fashion whilst sharing a platform with the market leaders all whom have an interest of retailing in and out of Dubai, highlighting London’s culture of opening its doors and embracing fashion solidifying it as a capital bridging together both the Eastern and Western countries.

DFWL Team have been effortlessly over the last few years looking at new ways to bring forward concepts and ideas from the Middle East into the UK and I have no doubt in believing it will raise the fashion bar once again.

OUR TEAM consists of knowledgeable and experienced visionaries who have researched the market effortlessly to envisage where the future of fashion lies and how to direct change in the world of fashion today. 

We understand that fashion is the epitome of society and has a huge influence in our daily lives of today and future of tomorrow. With a rapid evolvement over the years, the world has witnessed countless trend setting outfits which have been seen as the ultimatum ‘must-haves’, especially ones which have been endorsed by mainstream media and high profile celebrities. To be associated with this established multi-billion pound industry not only gives you competitive advantage but sets you apart from anyone else with a concept that can never fail to impress.